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Our SMP Programs

SMP, or Serving My People, stands at the heart of our strategic organizational system, enabling us to serve our community effectively while leaving a lasting generational legacy. Our belief is simple yet powerful: Every individual possesses a unique skill, a talent, a passion, ready to enrich our community. As you become part of our mission, we invite you to choose an area where your contribution can truly make you a community builder.

But SMP is more than just service; it's a rewarding volunteering program.

Each year, we come together in celebration to honor the exceptional contributors to this plan during an elegant gala evening.

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Welcome & Integration -WIN

With the ultimate vision of making Edmonton a destination of choice, we are very pleased with the success of this program, which fills a deep community need. 

Officially launched in February 2022, in the space of two months we have welcomed close to 15 families. 

The idea is to optimize the conditions upon arrival by providing the necessary logistics and establishing the connection with the community to facilitate integration.

In short, the Win consists in providing a complete package to any newcomer: Pre-trip (finding accommodation, preparing the trip), then, reception at the airport and finally, support in administrative procedures, community networking and professional integration.

A pilot support project funded by the City of Edmonton enabled us to establish that a worthy host family of four would cost $300 over three days (accommodation not included).


ACE - IWDIMAA Youth Program

At the Cameroonian Association of Edmonton (CAE), we believe that the prosperity of any community hinges upon the cultivation of excellence in its youth. With this core principle in mind, we proudly introduce the IWDIMAA program – a name derived from "my roots" in Foulbe, the most widely spoken language in North Cameroon. IWDIMAA is not just a program; it's a commitment to promoting excellence, preserving our cultural heritage, and equipping our youngest members for a brighter future.

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Cameroonian Women Club

At ACE, we believe that women's dynamism is the driving force behind community development. That is why promoting a space for women to grow is important to us.
More than a program, the CWC is the branch of our organization that covers a variety of fields: 
Social: Assistance and solidarity with families (visits to the sick; welcome meals to newcomers); network of sharing useful links and good deals for households.

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ACE Tax Clinic

Registered with the Canada Revenue Agency under the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP), we provide bilingual service to individuals and families who are eligible for this program. 
We are grateful for all the support and assistance we have received from our volunteers. The season runs from March 1 to April 30.

Filling Out Tax Form


The heritage program focuses on the cultural foundations of our community. 
Our vision is to establish the Cameroon (the 237) that we represent among other communities in the name of the diversity that constitutes the Canadian power.

 The objectives are to organize and/or participate  in all the events that would allow us to make the "Mboa" (237) better known. 


Musango Voice - A cameroonian community choir

In the heart of Edmonton, the Musango Voice vocal ensemble enriches the local music scene with its own Cameroonian sounds, while embracing Canada's cultural diversity.


ACE Digitizing Program -ADP

This program aims to increase efficiency to improve service. We would like to raise our standards, moving from manual to the digital in all areas of our organization. This project will turn into a program ACE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE where our organization would thus play a central role in the process of Community economic development.

Sport and Wellbeing Program - SWP

ACE also carries the heritage of a great soccer nation marked by the exploits of the indomitable lions. This is why, as a good ambassador, we make it a point of honor to support any event where the lions would participate. African Cup of Nations (January 2022); World Cup - Qatar 2022 (November 2022) …


ACE Resilience Program -ARP

ACE RESILIENCE, aims to create multicultural and intergenerational healing environments facilitated by health and wellness professionals for the most impacted immigrant families. According to a Health Canada report, isolation has disconnected and broken many families. This program will offer discovery trips, fulfilling retreats among the many adapted sites in Alberta. 

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