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About CAE -ACE

Our Organization

The Cameroonian Association of Edmonton is an active organization with a vision to enhance the well-being of individuals of Cameroonian heritage living in Edmonton. Its primary goals are to facilitate the professional integration and education of its members, while also creating a supportive environment that encourages an understanding of the cultural values in their new surroundings.

Additionally, the community aims to leave a positive impact on the City of Edmonton by actively engaging in various municipal programs, projects, and volunteer initiatives. These include participating in activities like city clean-up efforts, offering educational assistance to disadvantaged children, contributing to the Food Bank, among others.

Our Vision

CAE-ACE's vision hinges on unity, unwavering support, and a deep commitment to our core principles. Ultimately, it is to establish a lasting legacy and foster prosperity, not only in Edmonton but throughout Canada. We aim to make a meaningful and positive impact, becoming a key component of Canada's rich cultural diversity, and playing a role in shaping a brighter future for all.

Our Mission

The Cameroonian Association of Edmonton (CAE-ACE) is driven by a multifaceted mission aimed at uniting our members and serving as a vital bridge to local authorities. Our core focus is on enriching and empowering our local community through comprehensive efforts in cultural preservation, social and professional integration, and education across all age groups.

Our missions encompass:

  1. Cultural Celebration: We are dedicated to showcasing the rich and diverse tapestry of Cameroonian heritage. Through various initiatives, we honor our cultural roots and traditions.

  2. Youth Empowerment:  We run dynamic youth programs designed to preserve our culture and cultivate leadership and excellence among the younger generation.

  3. Social Engagement: We provide opportunities for organizing friendly and socially enriching activities that foster camaraderie and a sense of community among our members.

  4. Community Discourse: We offer a platform for meaningful discussions on topics of communal interest, addressing issues that affect our community and working together to find solutions.

  5. Solidarity and Prosperity: Our aim is to nurture solidarity and prosperity among our members, creating a support network that enables everyone to thrive.

  6. Values and Integrity: We actively promote the values of integrity and self-respect, not only for individuals but also for the betterment of our community as a whole.

  7. Amateur Sports: We encourage participation in amateur games and exercises, promoting physical well-being and a sense of togetherness.

  8. Business Support: We are committed to promoting and supporting the Cameroonian business community, fostering economic growth and collaboration.

In summary, CAE-ACE's missions revolve around community building, cultural preservation, empowerment, and growth. We aspire to create an inclusive and thriving community where each member can reach their fullest potential while celebrating our shared heritage.

Our Values

The organization and functioning of the association are governed by 3 core values: INTEGRITY – RESPECT – SOLIDARITY.

Our motto: RUN FOR THE TEAM.

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Our  Funders

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Our Partners & Sponsors

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