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     “Every single dime counts!”

Your donation can make a difference.

Together, we can create positive change.


Thank you from the bottom of our heart. This donation will help us significantly in our mission. It will enable us to:

  • Welcome and support newcomers and needy families. 

  • Strengthen the bonds that unite its members and act as an interlocutor with local authorities.

  • Bring the entire community up to the highest standards of achievement in all areas.

  • Highlight the rich and diverse culture of Cameroon's heritage;

  • Promote and provide opportunities for social and friendly activities; 

  • Promote the Cameroonian business community.

  • Carry out humanitarian missions in Cameroon.


This translates into ongoing fund-raising campaigns for the following programs and projects:

  1. Community project: Cameroonian-Canadian Cultural Center of Edmonton;

  2. The program for cultural promotion and community service: SMP Gala; Heritage Festival.

  3. Welcome and Integration of Newcomers program;

  4. Youth program to cultivate Excellence: IWDIMAA (My Roots);

  5. Solidarity project: Assistance Funds;

  6. Family program: Families On Stage;

If you'd like to help us further, contact us to volunteer, or tell your friends about our cause!

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