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With the ultimate vision of making Edmonton a destination of choice, we are very pleased with the success of this program, which fills a deep community need. 

Officially launched in February 2022, in the space of two months we have welcomed close to 15 families. The idea is to optimize the conditions upon arrival by providing the necessary logistics and establishing the connection with the community to facilitate integration.

In short, the Win consists in providing a complete package to any newcomer: Pre-trip (finding accommodation, preparing the trip), then, reception at the airport and finally, support in administrative procedures, community networking and professional integration.

However, we are facing a major problem: the lack of a storage space for the donations received and a truck to transport them. 

Partnership FRAP/CAE-ACE

We thank all the volunteers, donors and our direct partners on this program Francophonie Albertaine Plurielle (FRAP).

<< It is important to preserve the cultural references during the immigration process for an optimal integration. This is what makes our program so special and so successful. But a success that unfortunately relies on many individual sacrifices: in energy, time and own funds. For the first quarter of 2023, we expect another round of more than a hundred families. The plan is to keep enhancing the operational management effectiveness and efficiency of the WIN program, especially, in terms of human and material resources.>> Kelly T. (WIN Program Coordinator)

Within the framework of professional integration, we are delighted to collaborate with prestigious organizations such as Acces Emploi, the reference in the French community.

However, it is very important to emphasize that these organizations play a facilitating role, it is up to each newcomer to do what is necessary to meet the requirements of the job market in terms of skills or to meet the requirements of a professional college.

In addition, Alberta, like the rest of Canada, is a land of opportunity where any career change is possible. There are many tools available to facilitate this. Be confident and take advantage of these resources. 

Partnership Acces Emploi/CAE-ACE

We would like to express our gratitude to the City of Edmonton, which provided $5,000 in funding for the pilot project aimed at defining a realistic and viable model. This includes a needs assessment: what services can we offer? The cost per family size,...

More details in the report. Project duration (6 months) January - June 2023.

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