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ACE also carries the heritage of a great soccer nation marked by the exploits of the indomitable lions. This is why, as a good ambassador, we make it a point of honor to support any event where the lions would participate. African Cup of Nations (January 2022); World Cup - Qatar 2022 (November 2022) …
For the past decade, ACE, through its two soccer teams, has won titles in every tournament held in Edmonton.

We also offer activities in various other sports disciplines (volleyball, handball, tennis, cycling, ...) for all ages as well as fitness, dance-Zumba.


The SWP is also the main support of our Mental Health Program (ARP), built in collaboration with health and fitness professionals. It is the tool to adequately respond to mental health issues on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

The short and medium term objective is to find funding to strengthen this program and open it to a wider audience. We are thinking of encouraging participation in or organizing health/humanitarian causes such as "Walk against cancer"; "Run against poverty"; "Dance for unity"; "Play for the mental"; ...

Any help would be appreciated. We thank you for your support!

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