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Before your arrival, in order for us to facilitate it, please fill out this form carefully by clicking on the following button:






1- This form is only for Cameroonian nationals immigrating to Edmonton (Alberta/Canada). 

2- This program is managed by volunteers from the Cameroonian Association of Edmonton (CAE) and its partners.

3- A processing time of at least three weeks is absolutely necessary.  

4- This document is to be completed by the "Principal Applicant". Please fill it out in good faith for a better quality of service. All the information will remain confidential.

5- Please note that if you are unable to find an apartment, there is still the option of Airbnb, temporary accommodation, from which you can take your bearings and look for the accommodation that suits you best.

6- We remind you that this program is free of charge and depends only on the volunteers' own resources and availability, and therefore we cannot guarantee the whole package that we are trying to offer (Accommodation search; Airport pick-up; Welcome meal and other necessities).

7- None of our volunteers are authorized to receive any donation or favor in the context of this hospitality program designed and operated by the Cameroonian Association Edmonton (CAE).

8- CAE has no mandate to facilitate any visa/status/Passport issues and your administrative, academic, professional and personal documents are your responsibility.

9- If you don't have a visa card, it's a good idea to have enough cash ($USD or Euro) to exchange it easily for Canadian dollars.

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