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We are a cultural-based Nonprofit organization, officially incorporated in Edmonton on February 11th, 2009. 
CAE-ACE are our acronyms that reflect our bilingualism because Cameroon, like Canada, has two official languages: English and French.

Our organization is also recognized by the High Commission of Cameroon in Ottawa, for its mandate to represent all Cameroonian nationals living in  Edmonton and surrounding areas.

As a representative of the Cameroonian Diaspora, statistics allow us to establish this population growth. In fact, ACE has grown over the past decade from almost 250 families in 2009 to over 1,200 families in 2018 and the numbers are growing.

We continue our journey, creating and delivering programs that serve the community and help make Edmonton a better place to live.
Join us and “RUN FOR THE TEAM” (our motto).


Senior Couple in Airport
Reading in a Bookstore

Newcomer Welcome & Integration

IWDIMAA: Education-Heritage -Leadership

Businesswoman with Tablet

Cameroonian Women Club

Arts & Cultures (Heritage)

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With the new dynamic wind blowing through the Cameroonian community in Edmonton, the CAE has seen its membership double in the space of a month. The explanations are diverse and plethora. “For a stronger community…” such a slogan invites us to get involved together, as volunteers for the development of our community. How can such an objective be achieved? We propose here, the implementation not of a project, but of a volunteer program with reward, which
is intended to be structural. We call it “SERVING MY PEOPLE“


We regularly organize campaigns of fundraising to help us support our numerous programs. Here is an opportunity to impact lives.


We have various positions for volunteering depending on programs like Welcome and Integration program, Tax Clinic, ... or events like Heritage Festival, Summer games...
Make an impact with us through our unique and prestigious, rewarding "Machine": The SMP.

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