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We are interested in sustainable development and the creation of collective generational wealth. We are going to reorganize our community entrepreneurial system in order to create opportunities for the organization as well as for all of its actors and partners. 

It is about refocusing the issue which is not to get a grant but how to prosper with the resources we have.

In collaboration with The Tribune of Sages Consulting, a community of experts specialized in organizational strategies for emergence, we expect to take advantage of their expertise in community projects as well as several solutions well engineered to boost the ABNP.


  ACE MARKET (in progress)


Welcome to our online store ACE MARKET!


In order to offer a greater visibility to the entrepreneurs of our community, our partners, those who would have products and services to sell, we put at your disposal the first ethnocultural platform of online exchange ever created in North America.


To unclog the "WhatsApp" platform inundated with untimely advertising of products and services of uncontrolled sources and quality, we offer a solution that is among the most powerful in E-commerce.


To encourage the beautiful initiatives of varied scale, from the informal activity to the most professional, we present you the digital fair where the diverse and growing demand, meets an offer defying any competition...


This is the perfect showcase for you to promote your products and services. From exotic products to professional services to the sale of tickets for your events... It's the digital era, don't wait any longer and boost your sales while supporting socio-economic and cultural community projects.


Welcome to ACE MARKET!

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