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At CAE/ACE, we strongly believe that How to prosper without training our youth to excellence? This is a major objective that we have set for ourselves: To promote excellence among the youngest and especially to transmit and preserve the cultural heritage.
AYOP combines several aspects that are crucial to the success and development of children:

Education: tutoring; promoting business spirit and wealth creation principles.
Sports & Culture: development of sports, artistic, linguistic and culinary talents
Leisure: Travel - discovery - summer camps.



We are thinking in particular of their academic and professional orientation in view of the ever-changing economic situation. 
It is our responsibility to anticipate the promising sectors of tomorrow (new energies and technologies among others) and to position these young people.
Through this program, we also raise awareness among youth on the dangers of social networks and the use of smart phones and the Internet for good and wise.

At the end of the year, as part of the Winter Holidays and with our famous Families On Stage (FOS) program, we present awards to the youth who have distinguished themselves during the previous academic year, encouraging all other youth to work harder for excellence.

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