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The collective of teachers in our vibrant, highly multilingual community decided in 2019 to launch back-to-back programs of excellence ACE Tutoring K-12 Program (ATUK) in Dictée and Coding, with one goal in mind: to develop study methods that will help as many students as possible achieve academic excellence.

These initiatives were successful in keeping the children at a high level even during the pandemic, especially in grammar literacy, mathematics and computer coding.

Our trusted learning techniques, along with our skilled, enthusiastic teachers, have ensured the success of hundreds of kids so far.

We strongly believe in putting the children first, providing customized strategies that work.

Our team also helps parents understand the Canadian school system and encourages them to become actively involved in their children's school life. We hope to increase the rate of success and excellence in the community.

All these programs are crowned with awards that we give to participating students, which we finance with our own funds and hope to obtain greater resources to increase the quality of our services.


Contact us today so we can help you build your brighter future.

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